Water Heater Repair Instructions
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Water Heater Repair Instructions 

Welcome to “Water Heater Repair Instructions;” to begin, locate your hot water heater brand name to the left of this page. Follow the links to find repair information specific to your water heater and water heater parts. We are including as much instruction as time and resources allow.  

Water Heaters have come a long way from their beginning.

 They are safer and more efficient than ever before. Some of today’s natural gas, propane, electric and solar tankless water heaters registers just shy of 100% energy efficiently. These high efficiency water heaters can save floor space by mounting on a wall, and take up less space than a microwave oven. The one drawback is cost. The installation or retrofit of a tankless type water heater can overwhelm almost any budget. Pricing ranges from a few hundred dollars into the thousands. Although there are tax breaks from time-to-time for installing eco-friendly and Energy Star, certified appliances and water heaters, we leave it up to you as to whether you find the cost-to-savings ratio acceptable. 

Learning how to repair and maintain your own water heater is the way to go in today’s economy.

However, there are certain risks and dangers involved with any water heater repair. Always follow your water heater’s manufacturer instructions when working or setting the temperature of your water heater control valve. Failure to comply with all manufacture instructions and warnings, national, state and local building codes, could result in serious property and bodily injury or even death. If you lack the physical ability or confidence in attempting a water heater repair, please contact two or three plumbing companies or contractors; acquire bids and check references prior to work beginning. 

Tools and equipment you may need to repair your water heater.


Pipe wrenches, an electrical multi -meter that reads both voltage and Ohms, adjustable wrenches of varying sizes, slip joint pump pliers, hacksaw, garden hose, wet/dry shop vacuum and soldering equipment, depending on your individual circumstances.  All of these tools and equipment should be available for purchase at your hardware store or home center. In some cases, you can even rent the tools need for a few hours, at a minimal cost. 

Safety first-always wear protective clothing, long sleeve shirts and eye protection.
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What Does ANSI Stand For?  

 American National Standards Institute 


What Does ASME Stand For?   

 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 


What Does GAMA Stand For? 

Gas Appliance Manufacturer’s Association 


What Does NEC Stand For? 

National Electrical Code 


What does NFPA Stand For?    

National Fire Protection Association 


What Does UL Stand For?   

 Underwriters Laboratory 


What Does CSA Stand For?  

Canadian Standards Association