Water Heater Repair Instructions
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How to Repair a Gas Home Depot Water Heater Control Valve  

The Home Depot website and YouTube videos can guide you through your gas water heater replacement. Be prepared, have all the tools and parts you may need at hand before you start repairing your gas water heater. If your Home Depot/GE water heater is still under warranty, call the 1-800-Home-Depot customer service to receive repair parts and guidance free.  If your GE water heater is within the first year of warranty, GE/Rheem will help you repair of your GE gas water heater.  

Plumbing tools: 

Large Pipe wrench 

Adjustable wrench 

Teflon tape 



Garden Hose 

Repairing a Home Depot Gas Water Heater 

1.      Close off the gas water-heater supply line; whether natural gas or propane fuel, at the closest valve possible. If you see no individual shut-off valve, shut off the gas service at the gas meter or propane tank. If your valve has a small red handle- turn it 90degrees clockwise to close it. If the valve has a straight brass bar, turn the bar perpendicular to the gas line to close. 

2.      Turn the water supply off entering the right side inlet on top of the water heater. Rotate the valve handle clockwise until it stops. Open all the hot-water faucets in the house to make sure the water has stopped flowing.  

3.      Drain the gas water heater by connecting a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank, and then run the hose outside to safe area drain. Open the drain valve and wait for the tank to empty. 

4.      Disconnect the gas service to the Home Depot gas water heater by loosening the union with pipe wrenches and/or adjustable wrenches. 

5.      Unscrew each nut holding the gas supply, pilot and thermocouple to the bottom side of the gas control valve. A small adjustable crescent wrench works well for this task.  

6.      Unscrew the gas control valve counterclockwise with a large pipe wrench or large pair of slip joint pliers.  

7.      Inspect the threaded connection for the control valve. Make sure it is free from damage, rust or debris. If there are threads missing, consider replacing the water heater.  

8.      Wrap the threaded end of the new Home Depot gas control valve with Teflon tape-white or pink. Wrap at least six or seven time in a clockwise direction with the threads.  

9.      Screw the new control valve thermostat into the tank by hand. Secure the valve a large pipe wrench. Make sure the new valve is parallel with tank in order to line up with the connections underneath. 

10.  Turn the drain valve off and remove the drain hose. 

11.  Turn the water back on and allow the tank to fill while you finish the valve connections.  

12.  Attach the pilot tube, gas supply tube and thermocouple to the new valve. 

13.  Connect the gas supply line to the left side of the valve.  

14.  Turn the gas valve on and check for gas leaks with soapy water or a leak detection solution.  

15.  When water is running freely, from all hot water faucets, close each faucet one at a time. 

16.  Check for water leaking around the gas control-valve connection to the tank. 

17.  Turn the gas control knob to pilot and press in firmly. Pressing on the electric spark igniter every ten seconds until to the pilots lit. Continue holding the pilot control in and count to sixty. Slowly release the pilot control button. 

18.  Rotate the control knob to the “On” position. 

19.   Set the temperature control knob to the desired heat setting. 

20.  After an hour, measure the water temperature coming from several faucets with cooking thermometer. This is the only accurate way to set the water temperature on your Home Depot gas water heater.  

FYI- You may need to hold the pilot control down and continue pressing the spark igniter before the air escapes through the small pilot tube.   

Caution- Water hotter than 115 degrees can cause serious bodily injury. 

These are general guidelines and crude steps for water heater repair. Always fallow the manufactures steps and procedures when repairing or replacing any appliance or parts.  

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